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When you choose a doctor, you’re also choosing a hospital

When you place your family’s health in the hands of the doctors in La Croix du Sud Hospital, you have more than highly qualified physicians. You have all the resources of the La Croix du Sud Health System standing behind them. That means, when someone in your family gets sick, you’ll go to La Croix du Sud. The place that’s been rated most preferred for doctors, nurses, surgery and overall quality of care.


Our primary care physicians, internists and specialists provide high-quality care and:

  • - are close to your home
  • - spend quality time understanding your individual situation
  • - have leading-edge resources to manage your health care needs
  • - are equipped with the technology to offer better, faster diagnoses
  • - have access to top specialists and technology through La Croix du Sud
  • - have experience and knowledge, coupled with compassion and dedication
  • - are accessible and reliable
  • - accept most insurance plans

And all of the care you receive from a physician in the La Croix du Sud is linked with an electronic medical record, allowing your La Croix du Sud doctor to coordinate your care, including any lab, imaging, medical and surgical care you have, anywhere through La Croix du Sud.

Whether your condition is acute or chronic, our specialists provide leading edge care. From performing wellness exams to treating the flu, unexpected injuries and serious illnesses, we have one goal: to return you to good health and keep you there.